EPUB DRM Removal for Mac & Windows

EPUB DRM Removal is the best DRM Removal tool to remove EPUB DRM from Adobe Digital Editions, PDF, Nook, etc. You can get a new EPUB ebook without EPUB DRM only with few simple steps.

After you have converted your file via EPUB DRM Removal, you can read your epub books on iPad, Nook, Sony e-reader or other devices. You can also print it or convert it to PDF, Kindle books, etc.

Easy to use: It supports drag and drop and file scan function, so you can find all the EPUB books you want to convert easily on your computer. When you need to convert EPUB files, only by clicking “Start” button, it will start to work automatically. Few minutes is needed to get the files you want, therefore, it saves a lot of your time.

Batch handling:
You can convert all your ebook files quickly with this function. Generally, the traditional conversion tool can only convert one file at one time. Now with this tool, you can convert all your files simultaneously. During conversion, it will create all the files in a new file folder and won’t revise any original files, so you don’t have to backup the original files.

Best conversion quality: 
The files which are converted by this software won’t have any quality change. The optimized program code makes the converted file keep the same with the original one in the conversion quality and displaying effect.

Guide for removing EPUB DRM from Adobe

If you haven’t installed Adobe Digital Editions on your current computer, please download and install it first. Adobe Digital Editions has different versions. Currently, using Adobe Digital Editions 1.7 and Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 to convert files will get the best conversion effect.

1. Test the files to check if it is damaged before conversion. You can open the EPUB file you want to convert via Adobe Digital Editions, and if the file can be opened normally and display all the content accurately, that shows the EPUB file is OK and can be converted successfully. If you can’t open this file on your computer, you might need to download this ebook via Adobe Digital Editions again.

2. Run EPUB DRM Removal, click “Add” button to select your EPUB books. If you have many files which need be converted, you can select multiple files in this interface. It supports batch handling mode, so there is no problem on converting many files simultaneously.

3. Click “Start” button to start converting.

4. After the file is converted successfully, it will be saved in a new file folder without covering the original file, then you can find the new file in Output Folder.


Why some of my files can’t be converted successfully?

If your EPUB file is downloaded to your first computer via Adobe Digital Editions, and you copy or transfer it to the second computer, then this file can’t be converted on the second computer. If you want to convert it, it only can be converted on the first computer, or you download this file to the second computer again via Adobe Digital Editions.

How to use Adobe Digital Editions to re-download EPUB ebook?
mobile phone and booksIf you have changed the Adobe ID or updated the Adobe version during using Adobe Digital Editions, the ebook you downloaded via Adobe Digital Editions before might not be opened normally. When you encounter with this, you can use the new Adobe Digital Editions version (ver 2.0) to download this ebook again to solve the problem.

1. First, you need to unregister the computer in Adobe Digital Editions. By using Ctrl+Shift+D ( or CMD+Shift+D in Mac) in Adobe Digital Editions main interface, a dialog box will appear, then you can select Earse Authorization on the lower right corner and click OK button in this dialog box. After finishing these steps, you can cancel the registration on current computer. To uninstall the authorization information more completely, you can also delete this content from Windows registry.

  • Software\Adobe\Adept\Device
  • Software\Adobe\Adept\Activation

2. Uninstall Adobe Digital Editions, then download and install Adobe Digital Editions from the website again.

3. Run Adobe Digital Editions, then click “Help” – “Authorize Computer”. By inputting your Adobe ID again in the new pop-up dialog box and clicking Authorize, you can register your Adobe ID to current computer again.

4. Now you can use Adobe Digital Edition to re-download your ebook. After doing above steps, almost all your ebooks can be converted successfully.

Can I convert EPUB to PDF?

Yes, after you remove DRM from EPUB successfully, you can convert them to other ebook formats via any software, including Adobe PDF, Kindle books, PRC, HTML, etc.