Kindle DRM Removal for Mac & Windows

Kindle DRM Removal is the best DRM Removal tool to remove Kindle DRM from Kindle books, AZW3 and AZW4 books. You will get a new Kindle ebook without Kindle DRM with few simple steps.

If you want to read your Kindle books on other Kindle E-reader, this tool can help you remove DRM from your kindle book, and then you can read it on any devices, print your kindle book, or convert it to PDF, EPUB, HTML, etc.

Easy to Use: it’s the easiest way to help you remove DRM from kindle books, if you want to remove DRM from kindle books, you only need to install this software, and select your kindle books, then click “Convert” button, it will create a new Kindle book which is without DRM. No matter the ebook is AZW, AZW3 or AZW4, it can be converted successfully.

No need to backup your files:
When you are converting the files, this software will not revise or adjust anything of the original file. All the new Kindle books will be saved in a new file folder, therefore, you don’t need to backup your original Kindle books at any time. After the file is converted, the original file still can be used normally.

Best conversion quality:
Compared to other software, the file converted by this software won’t have any change on the image quality and words, and totally keeps the same with the original file. When you compare the new file to the original one, you will find that there is no difference in the details. Except keeping the best quality, this software provides faster conversion speed as well, therefore, even you have many files to convert, they can be converted in a very short time.

Guide for removing EPUB DRM from Kindle books

1. Download the ebooks you want to convert via Kindle for PC/Mac. If you still haven’t installed it, click below to download and install. If you have a Kindle device, you can transfer the ebooks on Kindle device to your computer.

2. Run Kindle for PC/Mac, Kindle for PC/Mac will display all the Kindle books you have automatically. By double clicking the ebook cover, Kindle for PC/Mac will download this ebook to current computer, then you can find these Kindle books in below file folder.

3. Run Kindle DRM Removal and click “Add” button to select the Kindle ebook you downloaded via Kindle for PC/Mac just now.

4. Click “Start” button, Kindle DRM Removal will start to work. This software will convert all Kindle books according to the order you add them.


Why some of my ebooks can’t be converted successfully?

If your ebooks are downloaded to your first computer via Kindle for PC/Mac, all of them can be converted easily. But if your ebooks are transferred from Kindle devices, you need to input your Kindle ID. If you can’t find your Kindle ID, you can download Kindle for PC/Mac first, then use it to download your ebooks.

How to use Kindle for PC to re-download Kindle ebook?

During the use of Kindle for PC/Mac, if you update its version or change the Amazon ID, these reasons might lead to the failure conversion of the ebooks. You can refer to below steps to solve this problem.

1. Run Kindle for PC and click menu “Tools” – “Options”. In the new pop-up dialog box, you need to click “Registration” on the left first, then click “Deregister” button on the right region. Kindle for PC will pop-up a dialog box to confirm your operation, then you need to select the checkbox on the left and click “Deregister” button.

2. If Kindle for PC/Mac prompts the operation is successful, now you can uninstall Kindle for PC/Mac, then download and install Kindle for PC/Mac from official website again.

3. After you have installed Kindle for PC/Mac, you can download this ebook again. Before downloading, you’d better save the old ebook you downloaded in another position.

Through above steps, almost all the files can be converted successfully. For Kindle for Mac user, we suggest you deleting below files manually before uninstalling the old version.

  1. delete the Kindle folder from  ~Library/Application Support
  2. delete the files, and from ~Library/Preferences