MOBI to EPUB Converter, Convert MOBI to EPUB

MOBI to EPUB Converter makes it possible that you can read Kindle books on more ereader or transfer Kindle MOBI books to other devices. MOBI format is specialized for Kindle device. Because Kindle is not an open source format, currently the ereader supports MOBI is not so many. After converting MOBI to EPUB, you can read your ebooks on non-Kindle device.

If you want to convert MOBI to EPUB, you don’t need to know about the difference between them, because this software will analyze files automatically and convert them to the corresponding files. Only by clicking the mouse, you will get the new EPUB ebook. If you want to convert them in bulk, you can finish this task in short time through the batch handling function.

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How to use MOBI to EPUB Online Converter:

If you don’t want to install the software on your computer, you can use this free online converter. It is 100% free.

1. Click “BROWSE” button to select the MOBI files you want to convert on your computer. Online EBook Converter maximumly supports converting 20 files at the same time, therefore, you can add multiple files into this software simultaneously.

2. Click “Start” button after all the files are added, Online Converter will convert the files automatically. Please note that don’t close this page, because the download address of the converted files will be shown in this page after the files are converted.

3. When Online Converter prompts the files are converted successfully, current page will show the download address of the converted file. Then you can use web browser or other downloading tool to download the converted files.

4. The converted files usually can be kept for 4 hours. 4 hours later, they will be deleted by server automatically. The software won’t keep your files, so all the files you convert are safe.

How to use MOBI to EPUB Desktop Converter:

1. Click above download button to download and install MOBI to EPUB Converter.

2. Run MOBI to EPUB Converter. Click “Add” button on top left corner to select the MOBI books you want to convert. You can select multiple files to convert in this step.

3. Click “Start” button on lower right button to start converting MOBI ebooks. If you want to add several files simultaneously, the software will convert all the files according to the order you add.

4. After all the files are converted, you can find these new EPUB books in Output Folder. You can also click “Browse” button to reset the location of the new files.

MOBI to EPUB Converter can help you convert a lot of documents and ebooks from Kindle MOBI to EPUB formats, then you can read more MOBI books on iPad, iPhone, Nook, Sony eReader devices, etc. MOBI to EPUB Converter is the best tool to help you convert MOBI to EPUB books. If you want to convert MOBI to EPUB, it’s the easiest way for you.

Compared to other complicated program, this one has optimized various parameters’ setting, which makes you get the best conversion quality without setting anything else. In order to convert various files simultaneously, it provides batch handling which makes the conversion of multiple files at the same time easier.

Therefore, after the ebook is converted to EPUB, it will look the same with the original file. To convert more files, the optimized program code makes the conversion speed improve a lot. Even more than 50 ebooks, the conversion of these ebooks still can be finished in several minutes and the best conversion quality can be ensured.

After your files are converted successfully, you can use and read them on any devices listed below (including but not limited to): iPad, iPhone, Android, Samsung, Sony eReader, Kobo, Nook, etc.

It supports Windows XP, Windows Visita, Windows 7, Windows 8, Win10, Mac OS X, etc.

Additionally, MOBI to EPUB Converter doesn’t rely on Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Digital Editions. Even though you don’t install any above software, your files still can be converted successfully. Meanwhile, it doesn’t rely on any Virtual Printer, so there is no need to install any printer on your computer.

About Kindle MOBI: 
Kindle devices do not support the EPUB file format used by many other e-book readers. Instead, they are designed to use Amazon’s own e-book formats: AZW and, in later devices, KF8. Like EPUB, these formats are intended for reflowable, richly formatted e-book content and support DRM restrictions, but unlike EPUB, they are proprietary formats.